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Rob Regal – “The Patriot Act (Interlude)”

by Miracle

lyriciss46(Photo By Rob Regal)

Several months have gone by since we last heard from DMV affiliate Lyriciss. And he’s made one major noticeable change since that time. He’s switched his stage moniker. He is now officially going by the alias Rob Regal. He reached out the other day to share a previously unreleased interlude. It was supposed to be for an album but didn’t make the final cut. However, in light of the recent Mike Brown tragedy along with all of the other young lives that have been lost over the past couple of years; he thought it was time to give the track to the people. It’s called “The Patriot Act” and though it was created in 2011, it still holds much relevance now in 2014.
Buzz serves as the producer on this cut. The production here is dominant. It is made up of: a consistent bass, emphatic background components, a middling gait, and a piercing vibe. Since this is just an interlude and it spans a little shy of two minutes in length, there is no hook. The perpetual verse is compelling. Rob Regal utilizes a passionate flow, gripping wordplay, and thought provoking rhymes. He stated the purpose for releasing this interlude was to express his feelings in the proper moment. And that’s exactly what he does. A couple of potent lines from his venting session include: “No law for the strong. No justice for the weak. Just take a look at Fox. They play us for the sheep. They made me the bad guy cause my content is deep. But nobody hears the pain if nobody gone speak. Sheesh! (…) I’m too proud for that crowd. Leave me alone. The worst nightmare for a n—a is see ’em grown. Dead by 21 is the norm for my skin tone. And I’m two years passed it. So now I’m classified as a terrorist to these bastards. Damn!” The profoundness of those words right there is super intense. Overall, this is a very eye opening record.
**My Two Cents: This is a significant must hear selection. I am glad that Rob Regal decided to share it and that I got the opportunity to post it for my readers. He speaks truths that I think a lot of people feel but never get the opportunity to say. He gave the listener a lot of substance in a short amount of time. And the beat was the perfect compliment for his agenda. The Mike Brown situation is extremely unfortunate as well as saddening. And it is definitely tragic that it’s just one of the many that have taken place in recent times. Here’s to hoping that there is not only change and justice for Ferguson, MO but for the rest of the world that needs it too. Rest in peace Mike. -MinM

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