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Rod McCoy F/ Frank P – “La$t Day”

by Miracle

artworks-000134460769-5g4tgf-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

So one of the site’s favorite Southern talents, Rod McCoy is gearing up for a brand new solo venture. To get his supporters warmed up for his pending project, he set free the collective’s lead single a few days back. It’s is dubbed “La$t Day” and it contains a feature from artist Frank P.

The production here is smooth. The instrumentals for Mr. McCoy’s tracks typically are though. The clean foundation, graceful background elements, middling tempo, and natural vibe make for an appealing listen. The hook is worthwhile too. The delivery is effortless and the lyrics spell out the theme of the record perfectly. The verses are fulfilling. The duo serve up recognizable flows, consistent wordplay, and pertinent rhymes. They do a good job of establishing the vast importance of being on top of one’s grind or hustle. A sprinkling of lines worth remembering from Mr. Audible Hustle Ent. himself include: “I need more cash. I need more guap. I need more scrilla. Cause them bills don’t stop. If my account on e, then my tank won’t fill up. (…) They say the early bird always get the worm. So you know I’m finna get up. But f–k all that talking cause I really be about it. Working like Reggie in the fourth. It’s game seven so you know that we do or dying. All of my shooters shining.” One has to appreciate the sense of hunger within those words right there. As a whole, this a mint selection.
**My Two Cents: “La$t Day” is a nice and simple way to ease listeners back into Rod McCoy as a solo artist. It’s been about three years since he ventured out on his own. So taking it light is a smart approach. The production is sleek, Frank P makes a valid contribution as a guest artist, and Rod is no slouch himself. I think everyone will be able to groove with this record. So go ahead and get it incorporated into those money motivated themed playlists asap. -MinM

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