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DJ Get Bizzy F/Howie – “Keep You Waiting” (Song & Video)

by Pooh Bailey

kyw(Photo By Band Camp)

Meet DJ Get Bizzy. An up and coming producer & rapper from Plainfield, New Jersey. He is here to let his talents be known. He is said to be a package of high energy with versatile topics. His influences range from the likes of Wiz Khalifa to the notorious Kanye West. He credits the two well known artists for his desire to put out music with a good vibe that can be taken to another level when visually presented live on stage. He began to seriously make his presence felt in the game in 2014 and he is pushing a lifestyle brand that is colorfully titled ‘ The Bizzy Life.’ Last month, he dropped a fresh new EP coined Ragerz.

DJ Get Bizzy decided to give The Illixer a dose of what he’s got by letting us hear & view his second single from his aforementioned EP, “Keep You Waiting.” Bizzy decided to creatively switch up his normal tempo by combining his in your face style with the soulful elements of R&B with the help of Howie, who blesses the single with a notable hook about coming home to your lover after a long day.

“Keep You Waiting” is a nice song to play, once. This song could be much stronger, if someone else sung the hook. Howie’s voice is meant for a much harder track. DJ Get Bizzy is nice with the flow. He puts me in the mind of a sober Wiz Khalifa. So you really shouldn’t be looking for super lyrical rhymes here. Which is fine. The video doesn’t quite match the song. The whole ‘in the studio’ vibe is okay, but would have been more effective if the whole video was shot at night. Or if we saw Bizzy really be on his way to wherever he was determined to go. All in all, this song & video are cool. It’s a great starting point for an up and coming artist’s career. -Pooh Bailey

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