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Rod McCoy – “Colossal” (Video)

by Miracle

colossal(Photo By Rod McCoy)

Site regular Rod McCoy (AHE) gifted the world with another solo effort not too long ago. This one comes complete with a video and sees him working with another strong site affiliate, J1K (Producers United). The newly released tune is coined “Colossal.” And it’s reminiscent of what caused The Illixer to become a fan of Mr. McCoy in the first place.

J1K gives Rod a solid instrumental to rock. The reticent base, piano lead secondary ingredients, fluent rhythm, and pensive vibe make for a very entrancing combination. This is a briefer number so there is no hook present. The elongated verse is gripping. Rod McCoy summons an orderly flow, well thought out wordplay, and conscious rhymes. The press release for this track indicates that it’s purpose is to examine the so called truths that are presented to us in everyday life via institutions such as politics, religion, etc. Additionally, it touches base on the true path to peace and enlightenment. Rod McCoy definitely nails that premise with lines like: “I don’t know who to believe. I can’t tell who to trust. The preacher man bust the kids down. And then tell them that it’s love. I found peace in myself. Cause society ain’t interested.” Those words right there speak volumes. All in all, this is a strong and refreshing selection.

The video is shot by Abib Jahleel. It is pretty straight forward with no frills. It essentially just features the Southern rapper relaying his message against modest backdrops. Also, he dons a black t-shirt which fits in perfectly with the song’s theme and a few basic accessories. It’s a smart approach as it gives the viewer the chance to appreciate the lyrics and not be distracted by other elements. Overall, it is a very appropriate reflection of the tune.

**My Two Cents: This is how I first came to know Rod McCoy. Spitting dopes rhymes with substance behind them. So I thoroughly enjoyed this song & video. I think he spoke up on a lot of things that all of us are marinating over in these crazy times that we are living in. The video fits in perfectly. ‘Less is more’ is one of my favorite sayings and it certainly applies in this case. Readers need to dive into this one asap. -MinM

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