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Genesis Renji – “Know Yo Set”

by Miracle

Freebie_3_700x700(Photo By Genesis Renji)

Originally Debuted On Rapcine.com

Now all settled in the DMV, versatile talent Genesis Renji decided to join in with his fellow House Of Renji members and gift his supporters with a couple of new tunes. Among said tunes is a dedication to his cousin Pierre entitled “Know Yo Set.” It incorporates a sample of Drake‘s “Know Yourself” record. It serves as a trip back in time to when Renji first came to the Mil and his cousin showed him the ropes.

The production here is pretty suave. The sunken foundation, stylish secondary details, charismatic rhythm, and streetwise vibe make for a five star combination. One can never go wrong with a Drake beat though. The hook is simple yet favorable. The delivery is engaging and the lyrics are to the point. The verses are of an A-1 quality. Genesis Renji harnesses his patented flow, descriptive wordplay, and narrative rhymes. He does an excellent job of paying tribute to his cousin as well as his 414 upbringing. A handful of lines worth playing back include: “My cousin been pitching forks. Right hand is a trident. Call him Black Poseidon. Left hand holding hammer, heater, call that lightning. Pit-bulls in his backyard. One name Deuce. The other named Zeus. Make a false move and yo jugular loose. Yo jugular loose. Swear to God it ain’t hard to just stand still.” Those are some visual introductory bars right there. All in all, there is no denying the heat within this single.

**My Two Cents: Genesis Renji smashes this track. I love all of the detail that he puts into the content. It makes it very easy to go back to that place with him and sort of feel like part of the experience. And the hook is done just right. Not too over the top and not too basic either. I believe that both Pierre and Drake would give their stamps of approval on this one. Renji is certainly missed here in the MKE. But glad he’s still reaching out with his music. Looking forward to witnessing his next move. -MinM

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