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Rob Regal – “Cigarettes”

by Miracle

lyricissnewcarrollton(Photo By Rob Regal)

Rob Regal is continuing to keep his supporters laced with new music as he prepares his upcoming EP, The Reflection. His latest offering is coined “Cigarettes.” It’s a personal metaphorical piece that sheds light on the DMV talent’s previous distance from the music game which spanned for about two years.

The production here is weighty. The hefty bass-line, tense background musical details, measured tempo, and brooding vibe make for a dope emotive combination. The hook is a striking piece of work too. The delivery is critical and the lyrics are arresting. The verses are heavy. Rob Regal calls on an adamant flow, telling wordplay, and real life rhymes. He completely pours his heart out as he lets the listener in on some of the personal hardships that he’s struggling to endure. A lasting snippet from his trials & tribulations includes: “They told me that I’m killing myself. What if I don’t wanna live? Now a days they think I’m feeling myself. Well at least somebody is. Cause the world gave me nothing. Took everything from me. And then they still pay me nothing. I said we’ll take it all. They thinking that we bluffing. (…) Mom and pops taught me to fight if I’m a survive. And pops walk the talk cause his right side’s paralyzed. Had a heart attack, had a stroke, and he still here. I read his eyes trying to find if he feel fear. My vision blurry, now I feel tears.” Those are some seriously chilling opening lines right there. Overall, this is a very deep-seated record.
**My Two Cents: I have a lot of respect for Rob Regal for doing this track. It could not have been easy channeling all of those intense emotions at one time and then sharing them with the whole world. It takes a brave soul to be so vulnerable. I also relate to part of his plight as my mother went through the same health ordeals as his father. It is no easy situation to face. And the way he incorporates the symbolism of smoking is pretty brilliant. Readers need to check this one out for sure. Glad that Mr. Regal is hanging in there and I am looking forward to The Reflection. -MinM

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