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Rod McCoy – “Bittersweet”

by Miracle

artworks-000064309853-ik3cbo-t500x500(Photo By Producers United)

“Bittersweet” (listen/download)

Rod McCoy was presented to the site by our good friends over at Producers United. He’s a military veteran from Haynesville, AL who currently resides in the Atlanta area. He is also the CEO of an imprint by the name of Audible Hustle Entertainment. He runs the label with some of his fellow army comrades which is pretty neat. He gathers influence from artists like Nas, Common, etc; due to his desire to generate music that is relative and has substance.

Recently, he released a song called “Bittersweet.” It was produced by ProU member J1K. The production is rich. The full bass, brimming musical components, modest tempo, and lenient vibe generate a flattering blend. The hook is concise. The delivery is tangible and the lyrics are evocative. The verses are edifying. They serve as a tale of a woman caught up in a whirlwind of confusing emotions surrounding the love of her life. Her situation starts off promising but then turns dark as her boyfriend becomes abusive and is ultimately claimed by the streets. A notable excerpt from her story includes: “And she carefully broke down her obligation to the man she fell in love with then learned to hate him. Way back then when other women had to chase him. Well they always did, but then she had to race ’em. Til’ they had a little boy then they had to raise him. Somehow that love dried up like a Cali raisin. Things gradually got worse as the days went but she stayed by his side, love made a statement. When that static came up, she ain’t change the station. She was host to a monster from the darkest places.” Those bars right there paint a compelling picture. As a whole, this is a lofty record.

**My Two Cents: This was a reputable introduction to Rod McCoy. I can really get behind the objective of this single and he has a nice easy style about him. One has to respect the fact that he served our country too. That’s always a wonderful thing to hear. Readers are strongly urged to take a listen to this narrative and then share it if they like it. Be sure to visit the links in the post as well. -MinM

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Rod McCoy January 8, 2014 - 11:14 pm

Big ups to Miracle Leroy and The ILLIXER movement for showing love and posting this record up. Mucho love.


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