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Cinco – First & Last Impressions (Album Review)

by Miracle

unnamed (Photo By Cinco)

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First & Last Impressions (preview/purchase)

Milwaukee artist Cinco has finally released his official debut studio album. The LP is labeled First & Last Impressions and was over two years in the making. It consists of a total of 13 tracks, including earlier released singles”Fake It Til You Make It” and “Wake Up.” There is also an assortment of features and producers. The young talent put in a lot of effort for the release via an extensive campaign complete with merchandising. So was it all worth it? Continue reading beyond the jump to find out.


This song was produced by Storm Watkins. The production here is unique. The quirky infrastructure, perky secondary components, lively tempo, and carefree vibe are a suitable combination. The hook is comprised of a sampling of vocals. The vocals have an attractive sound to them and fit in properly with the beat. The verses are charming. Cinco exhibits his signature flow, entertaining wordplay, and telling rhymes. He fondly takes the listener through some of his high jinks growing up. A few standout lines include: “Did I mention detentions all the time? Because instead of learning lessons I just chose to rhyme. They weren’t the dopest lines. I just spoke on what I knew about. Crushing on different girls, b-ball, and sneaking out. Writing rhymes with my guys then we hit the trampolina. We played up in the street. We didn’t care what grass was greener. Those were my younger days but I’m still rhyming just for fun today.” Those bars paint a relatable picture and have an awesome energy to them. Overall, this was a divine selection.

“Dr. Jekyll & Mr. 5”

The production here was handled by Beatg33ks. It turned out to be of premium quality. The level bass, dark musical elements, off-kilter rhythm, and uncustomary vibe result in an attention grabbing mix. The hook is interesting too. The delivery is colorful and the lyrics are inventive. The verses are imaginative. Cinco presents a modified flow, crafty wordplay, and dexterous rhymes. He gives the listener a glimpse into the world of his two competing alter egos. Mr. 5 seems to be a bit on the irrational side while Dr. Jekyll is a bit more composed. However, both have very dominating wills and thus they butt heads. Peep some words from Dr. Jekyll: “Ah Mr. 5 how dare you? You lie through your teeth if you trying to claim I don’t scare you. I know I do. Cause I’m crazy too. You aren’t the only motherf—ing crazy dude. (…) But I won’t let any of ya game get through to me. And truly it’s quite funny that you thought you could fool me. Like who and the hell did you take me for? A dumbass doctor with hate to the core? Well you got that right. That’s the only thing that rings true. And I’ll be damned. I’m beginning to sound like … you.” One has to love the character that those bars portray. Cinco truly owned the multiple personality theme on this cut. All in all, this track is a hit as well as a site favorite.

“Lord Willin”

Sammy Slangs took over the boards on this one. The production here is on point. The stable foundation, abstract ingredients, lethargic pace, and sobering vibe mesh up well together. The hook is fair. The delivery is apparent and the lyrics are meaningful. The verses are genuine. Cinco dishes out an emotion filled flow, deep wordplay, and personal rhymes. He takes the opportunity to air out his feelings as it pertains to his life and music in a fervid manner. A handful of lines worth taking in are: “So get back. Relax cause I’m on my grizzy. I’m working two f–king jobs and I still get busy on these beats. This heat’s going to rise like yeast til I reside at the top and I sign that lease. So get back. Cause I do this just to vent. I hope the Lord will forgive me when I repent for my sins. I got a lot that I regret. I’m bout to make up for it all cause I ain’t done yet.” Those are some weighted bars right there. In the end, this is another promising offering from the LP.

**My Two Cents: Yes, the two plus years of work and all of the effort put into the release was definitely worth it. First & Last Impressions is a high-class album. The production is very professional sounding, the features turned out for the best, and it’s obvious that Cinco really put a lot into the content. It’s some of his greatest material to date. His fans should be very pleased. -MinM

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