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RockzSolid – “Bring That Beat Back” (Produced By Draztik Beatz)

by Miracle

(Photo By Bee Jay Biggz Via Facebook)

“Bring That Beat Back”

Proud Southside femcee RockzSolid of Brewed Fresh Records, LLC dropped a brand new track last night. She teamed up with local hit-maker Draztik Beatz for something a little outside of her normally free spirited and socially conscious rhymes. She took it to the streets. The production here is fire. Draztik did an incredible job. The deep bass, low musical elements, and infectious rhythm create a serious yet hip vibe. The hook is insane too. Rockz has a quick paced and distinct delivery with catchy no-nonsense lyrics. The verses are exquisite. Rockz brings her signature flow, creative wordplay, and fierce rhymes.

She hammers the point across that she’s just as much of a force in this Hip-Hop game as any male and she’s willing to take on any challengers to prove it. Noteworthy lines include: “Facebook all that s–t but you can’t face me. 16 to 16, you couldn’t take me. I been it. Don’t hash-tag me. All them shots you take man they don’t faze me. Straight jacking my words. My bars are crazy. But you fake b. I’m real as they come. Double up, muscle up, I’m too lyrical son.” Rockz murdered those lines right there. And she even found a cool way to acknowledge the site at the end of the track: “Ill as The Illixer, what up Miracle? Uhh!!”  Gotta respect an artist who goes out of their way to show love. Overall, this track is a banger. The production is sick and Rockz ripped it up on the lyrical tip. Readers are strongly encouraged to head on over to YouTube and check it out.

**My Two Cents: This track was a pleasant surprise. Rockz’s music is usually on point, so I wasn’t questioning the quality. But I didn’t expect her to come so hard. She’s typically a firecracker and then a bit tamer in her music. But she snapped on this joint. It was nice to hear a different side of her. Be sure to catch the brewed fresh diva on Facebook and readers can hear more of her music on Sound Cloud. -MinM

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