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Kidd – The Process (EP Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By Isaiah W.)

The Process

Kidd is a local artist here in Milwaukee. He’s representing local entertainment group Music Done Right. Music Done Right is all about making quality tunes and helping to contribute to Milwaukee’s already flourishing Hip-Hop scene. Their latest offering for that purpose is Kidd’s The Process EP. The Process contains five total tracks and this review will take a closer look at two of them. Click the jump to dig in.

“Make A Lot Of Money”

This track features a sample of “F–k The Money” by Atlanta favorite B.o.B and quirky emcee Asher Roth. For those who may not have heard the the cut, the production is solid. It contains an upbeat piano sound, low bass, and an easy going vibe. Not the best Kanye West production ever but it works. The hook is decent and also part of the sample. It is not placed in a normal fashion though. It plays throughout the track instead of in one particular section. The vocals are interesting and the lyrics are simple but meaningful. There is only a single verse on this cut, as it is the shortest song on the EP. But for the most part the verse is good. Kidd has a quality flow, comical wordplay, and sufficient rhymes. He does an entertaining job of recapping his adventures with the ladies. However, his lines got a little wordy towards the middle and he could have kicked up his creativity just a notch. He’s had some much more inventive rhymes in the past. Overall, this song was fair. It’s not Kidd’s best work but it had some bright moments.


The production here is choice. The hushed tone, light musical elements, and moderate tempo blend together well to create a nice groove. The hook is adequate. The delivery is smooth and melodic. The lyrics are direct and memorable. The verses are good. Kidd brings a laid back flow and edgy rhymes. He really puts his inner player on full display for the listener to experience. Peep it as he spits: “So every n—a up in this b–ch is on her cause I put her on. They saw her f–king with a real n—a. Tried to get up on it on the next song. Do ya thing. She ain’t my b–ch. I don’t understand why n—as do that s–t. N—as wifing hoes, most likely tonight you could be my number two b–ch.” Spoken like a true mack. In the end, this song is a hit. The production is ill and even though the content is a little risqué, it’s still fresh.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was a respectable project. For starters, the album art is very fly. Also, The Process definitely has some winning production. And Kidd came out so-so on this project. He was really on top of things for a few of the tracks and then he was just alright on the others. Kidd switching up his subject matter a bit more and keeping his rhymes at a more elaborate level would have made a big difference. The Process is still worth lending an ear though. So go ahead and give it a listen. Be sure to follow Kidd on Twitter too. -MinM

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