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Robby Ra$hu & Cam Marino – ILLanacci Sequence (EP Review)

by Miracle

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ILLanacci Sequence (listen/download)

Los Angeles emcee Robby Ra$hu teamed up with Chicago producer Cam Marino to bring Hip-Hop lovers a very unique EP. The EP is labeled ILLanacci Sequence and consists of seven tracks. The themes of the project are meditation and ascension. The content is described as authentic and meaningful with spiritual influences set to one of a kind production that speaks to the chakras. Sounds pretty interesting right? Let’s dig in and see what kind of metaphysical journey the duo have prepared for the masses.


The production here is hot. It consists of a low peculiar foundation, inconspicuous musical components, an infectious rhythm, and a savvy vibe. The hook is only used one time. It’s of a choice quality. The delivery is upbeat and the lyrics are good. The verses are gratifying. Robby exhibits an individualized flow, clever wordplay, and grade A rhymes. He does an excellent job of conveying to the listener what his “Spirit Trill” brand is all about. Some engaging lines include: “Talking to my fam and the topic of discussion is those Pokemon and Power Ranger days when we was stunting. Playing hide and go get it. Rocket Power when I’m eating lunch. Bag of Lays, a sandwich, three cookies, Kool-Aid or  Tiki Punch. Now we’re in our twenties wide awake as f–k. Talking to the universe. She let me know that something’s up.” That was a colorful way to start off the track. Overall, this song is a smash and an ideal way to begin the EP.

“Star G8”

The production here is premium. The grounded bass, quirky musical elements, slow tempo, and relaxed vibe mesh favorably together. The hook is solid. The delivery has a hint of melody to it and the lyrics are intriguing. The lone verse is commendable. Robby presents a lively flow, noble wordplay, and satisfactory rhymes. He provides an unconventional perspective on life and the hardships it brings. A handful of noteworthy lines are: “Stop looking in your past and reflect on yourself. Your worth ain’t determined by somebody else. You see any limits, you digging a grave. You live and you learn. So it’s all in the same. The picture is bigger just take off the frame. Life is a trip and she freaky like Zane. Red or the blue pill. Many decisions are big contradictions. Sit back and I listen. (…) Remember my lessons and make my decisions. Opened my eyes and I popped them both. Color in my mouth it was Indigo.” Those bars hold some sound advice as well as some offbeat imagery at the end. All in all, this is a hit offering.


The production here is nice. It made up of the following parts: a steady infrastructure, energetic background ingredients, a middling pace, and a mellow vibe. The hook is decent. The delivery is appealing and the lyrics are well put together. The verses are fair. Robby dishes out a polished flow, fitting wordplay, and kosher rhymes. He holds down the title track by giving the listener more insight into his ethereal persona with vivid details and pictures. Peep it as he spits: “Greetings my n—a. Salutations to the world. It’s like graffiti. My pictures leave a vivid description. My perception is bigger. Still opinions, I’m learning lessons, and stacking these figures. Steady packing my swishers. Alpha, Beta, Omega, Theta, weigh the spiritual energy. Come into alinement when you step in my vicinity. Robby Ra$hu is just a vessel of my energy.” Thought provoking words being put forth right there. In the end, this was a worthwhile listen.

**My Two Cents: ILLanacci Sequence was a captivating EP. The concept was something different for sure and gave the project an added flair. Robby Ra$hu has a becoming style/sound about him. I enjoyed it a lot. He just needs to work on making his delivery a bit more clearer. And Cam Marino worked some magic behind the boards too. The production was uncommon yet very likeable. As a whole, ILLanacci Sequence ranks a 3.5/5. Readers are highly encouraged to open up their minds and lend an ear. -MinM

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