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Rob Hicks F/ Epic Hero – “The Purge”

by Miracle

10609671_758723397500409_2763701010176979446_n(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Racine’s own Rob Hicks is back with the second leak off of his upcoming LXSTSXULS project, “The Purge.” The song boasts a guest appearance from Rob’s label-mate Epic Hero and was produced by another Racine talent, Magic Made. So how does the track named after one of the Summer’s biggest Horror films stack up? Find out after the jump.

The production here is dope. It made up of: a firm base, eerie yet polished secondary elements, a neutral rhythm, and a peculiar vibe. The hook is unorthodox. The delivery is intriguing and accented by odd sound effects in the background. The lyrics get straight to the point. The verses are entertaining. Rob Hicks shells out a novelty flow, memorable wordplay, and unprecedented rhymes. Epic Hero provides ample support on the tail end half of the second verse.  The duo capture the unsettling air of The Purge films flawlessly. A couple of mentionable lines from Hicks are: “I ain’t never been afraid to use my tool. Been, been afraid to use my tool. Trunk full of white, white girls. Sweat bullets. If I get pulled over won’t lose my cool. No knock warrants got rid of my flu. Like f–k take the work to the bathroom. Paranoia done prevailed. Got me in a bad mood. Face full of teardrops. Body full of tattoos. Dirty money, cash rules. I’ll put a ring around yo eye like a raccoon.” Those are some forward bars right there. Overall, this is a top notch second leak.

**My Two Cents: Rob Hicks has impressed me once again. His flow is crazy different and his bars on this joint are tough. Epic Hero made a fitting assist as well. And the beat is no slouch either. This was a very appropriate nod to the Horror movie franchise. LXSTSXULS drops on the 29th of this month courtesy of Sounds Of Faith Recording. So keep those eyes and ears peeled. -MinM

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