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Rob Hicks – “Demons” (Video)

by Miracle

album cover(Photo By Rob Hicks)

LXSTSXULS (preview/purchase)

LXSTSXULS (previous review)

So recent eccentric site favorite Rob Hicks, released a brand new video a couple of days ago. The single he chose to bring to life is “Demons” (Produced by Erik Ali) from his latest album LXSTSXULS. He decided to drop the visual to appease his fans’ desire for a fresh look at him on the small screen. The single is one that made the highlights for the site’s album review which can be read via the above provided link. It’s a captivating yet haunting number which sets a high interest level for the video. Peep it after the break.

The video was shot, edited, and directed by Ryan Oddity (Low Life Society). The concept for the flick is simple yet genius. An image of Rob Hicks is layered over an extended array of clips. Some of the clips are of disturbing subject matter which could equate to the evil/demons that plague today’s world. Other clips are more so directly tied to the track’s lyrics. And then the rest of the clips seem to fall somewhere in between. So the viewer is privy to everything from: cartoon snippets to gun violence to Illuminati symbolism to sports highlights. The transition between the various clips is very clean. The image of Rob Hicks is treated with some neat special effects that play on color and motion. The vision concludes with the images fading out into a blurry distorted mass of static. As a whole, this is an artistic engaging offering.

 **My Two Cents: I like the way that Rob Hicks approached this video. It was not quite what I expected but he still managed to capture the essence of the song. Which in a nutshell is the whole purpose of doing a video. The concept was fairly clever and I dig the special effects that were used throughout the piece as well. This was a nice way for Rob to keep up his momentum following his run on the Shenanigans Tour hosted by media outlet Breaking And Entering. Looking forward to seeing or hearing what the Racine talent comes up with next. -MinM

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