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3di$on – unREAL (Album Review)

by Pooh Bailey

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When it comes to Hip-Hop, nine times out of ten, you can tell where the rapper is from. West Coast, East Coast, The South, Mid-West, etc. But that’s not the case with 3di$on. If I didn’t know he was from Sacramento, I would’ve thought he was from Chicago. Not Chief Keef’s Chicago but Common and Kanye West’s Chicago. On his EP unReal, 3di$on decided to give the listeners a glimpse of what money does to a child who grew up poor and what it means to struggle.

Like I said before unReal puts you in the mind of Common and Kanye (College Dropout and Late Registration ‘Ye), however unlike the Chicago legends, 3di$on doesn’t give his listeners enough time to get lost in his story. His message and overall songs are dope but he needs to elaborate more. I like unReal because he could’ve went the ‘Trap’ route and gotten lost in the crowd but he chose to follow a different route and that makes him stand out. With that said here are a few songs that you should definitely check out:

“14th Ave” (Produced by ENON)

This song puts you in the mindset of Common’s One Day It’ll All Make Sense. 3di$on gives you a glimpse into his past and with ENON on the board, this song will make you wish that one day 1994 Hip-Hop will decide to make a comeback.

“Price Tag” (Produced by Rashaun)

Rashaun’s production brings you in, automatically. But it is 3di$on’s lyrical attack that keeps you there. If you ignore the hook, this song will probably be one of your favorites.

“Riches” F/ Devon Sanders (Produced by TeoBeats)

3di$on knows how to get his point across. Nothing brings a younger audience in more than a Trap style instrumental (thanks TeoBeats). Now mix that with a message and 3di$on creates a super dope formula.

If you’re looking for a break from shoot ‘em up records or bad b—h anthems, then unReal is for you. 3di$on has a significant story to tell over high grade production. Yes, he could elaborate more. He could even step up his flow a little bit. But that doesn’t take away from a well-put together EP. So all in all, unReal is certainly worth your time and bandwidth. -Pooh Bailey

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