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Rich P – Greetings To The Congregation: The Mixtape Of Truth (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By DatPiff)

Greetings To The Congregation: The Mixtape Of Truth

Purple Label Inc’s own Rich P, recently dropped a new gem for his fans while they wait for his next major project. Greetings To The Congregation: The Mixtape Of Truth is a small offering of about eleven tracks. The tape is made up of: freestyles, demos, and a few regular songs. Rich said that he just had some material that he wanted to share with the people. So let’s listen to a few cuts and see what was on the Milwaukee emcee’s mind.

“Here I Go Again” (Freestyle)

The production here is good. There is a slight knock, a couple of light sounds, and a very chill vibe at work. There is no hook but most freestyles don’t usually have one. Rich acknowledges the title at the beginning of his rhymes. He did an impressive job spitting straight through. He came with his signature smooth flow and deep creative lyrics. He served up a healthy dose of confidence while at the same time causing the listener to think. Memorable lines include: “Half the blacks in my state, don’t got an education. Now if you ask me, that’s a f—ed up situation. Cause you got two strikes and ya kids waiting. (…) Hungry for some food and attention. That’s why they can’t stay out of detention. The cycle so vicious. And the thought of it is sickening.”  There’s some hard truth in those lines. Overall, this freestyle was a winner. Rich definitely handled his business.

“The People”

This track was produced by previously featured Milwaukee talent Jay Regal. He did a commendable job too. The production kicks off with a brief clip from the hood classic film, Menace II Society. From there the beat comes in full force with some instrumentation and a mellow vibe. The hook is top notch as well. The delivery is lively and the lyrics are attention getting and reflect the purpose of the tape. The verses are grade A quality. Rich brings his distinctive flow and insightful rhymes. He does a choice job of reflecting on the problems and sorrows that plague a lot of people in these trying times. Peep it as he spits: “I know it’s times when you want to say to hell with it all. We gotta be stronger than that ya’ll. You can’t change those around you, gotta start with yourself. The realest a be the last ones left. It’s a well known fact if you knew better, you do better. Better friends, better life, no vendettas.” Touching lines that listeners will certainly be able to relate to. In the end, this is a hit record. Jay Regal and Rich P make a nice team.

“Pay Day”

This song is a fan favorite for Rich P followers and the bonus selection on the tape. The Illixer has witnessed Rich P shut down the stage with this one and it is quite the experience. The production here is fire. It features a mid-tempo pace, some heavy hitting sounds, and a street club vibe. The hook is proper. The delivery is effortless and the lyrics are raw and catchy. The verses are fresh. Rich has a cool breeze flow and clever honest rhymes.He is not really conveying anything in particular here, more so just demonstrating his ability to murder a track. Favorite lines off the cut would have to be: “Real n—as don’t make it rain when they got bills to pay. It’s kind of senseless is all I’m trying to say.”  That is pure knowledge right there. All in all, this track is a banger. Rich went all the way in on this joint. Definitely not hard to understand why it’s such a crowd pleaser.

**My Two Cents: This was a nice appetizer for Rich’s fans until he drops his next major effort. It has a fair amount of variety sonically and some words of wisdom/messages that people need to hear. I enjoyed it and think that readers will too. Only way to find out for sure though, is to head over to DatPiff and give it a listen. -MinM

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