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Gerald Walker F/ XV, Phil Ade, & Skeme – “87 Corvette Wishes”

by Miracle

(Photo By Ivy Awino)

“87 Corvette Wishes” F/ XV, Phil Ade, & Skeme (via Ivy Awino)

Fan favorite Milwaukee artist Gerald Walker was kind enough to share one last track off of his upcoming mixtape yesterday (4/13). He leaked the track “87 Corvette Wishes” produced by Cardo of Taylor Gang. Also, the track features three other rappers besides Walker who are quite nice with their rhyme game: XV, Phil Ade, Skeme. The production here is stellar. The lighter elements and slower pace give it a fresh old school Hip-Hop vibe. There is no actual hook present. Just an occasional reference to the title during the verses. The verses are fly and have smooth transitions. Gerald Walker goes in first, followed by XV, who throws it to Phil Ade, and Skeme takes it home. All four rappers snapped on this cut. Everybody came with charismatic flows, witty wordplay, and dope rhymes. The fellas really complemented each other well and let their individuality shine through. Prominent lines include: “In this game full of actors, John Q. Smooth as Billy Dee Williams on that Lady Sings The Blues s–t. The head rocking music that leave the fans with contusions. You n—as soft and Gentile. That’s why my flow turned Jewish. But wait, hold on! While you was in the sandbox with Play-Doh, I was reading Phaedo by Plato, okay bro.”  Gerald Walker got very clever with his words in those lines, love it! Overall, this track is a smash. Everything was on point from beginning to end, inside and out. Much respect to the fellas. Gerald Walker’s next mixtape is entitled Believers Never Die and is scheduled for release via DatPiff on the 16th. So be sure to check it out. And to make sure that you don’t miss it, follow the Milwaukee emcee on Twitter.

**My Two Cents: Gerald Walker has such a distinct flow and insane way with his rhymes. It’s always a pleasure to review his music. He’s in that exclusive group of Milwaukee artists that are destined to blow up. Looking forward to the mixtape, I know it’s going to be crazy. -MinM

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