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Rest In Peace: Prince (June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016)

by Miracle

prince-purple-rain-ws-710(Photo By Google Images)

The music world was rocked to it’s core yesterday (4/21) when the news spread that iconic entertainer Prince had passed away at his home & studio in Paisley Park, Minneapolis. The eccentric spirit was found unresponsive in an elevator in his dwelling. CPR attempts were made to no avail. The cause of death is still uncertain. Speculation has it that the talent was suffering from flu or pneumonia like symptoms last week. His plane had to make an emergency landing in Illinois but he was released from the hospital not too long after the incident. Another running theory is that the symptoms were actually the result of an overdose. Carver County, Hennepin County Sheriffs, and the Mid-West Medical Examiner’s Office are currently conducting an investigation. He was only 57 years old at the time of his death and in the middle of a new tour.

Prince came onto the music scene in the late 70’s but it would be his 1984 album and film Purple Rain, that would launch his career into super-stardom. The projects earned him: his first number one album on the Billboard charts, two Grammys, an Oscar, and a victory over the late Michael Jackson at the American Music Awards. From there he would go on to: win several more awards & garner numerous nominations, work with multiple bands as lead & producer, put out an extensive music catalog consisting of over 39 studio albums, and much more. His extremely unorthodox style, one of a kind voice, genius way with songwriting & instruments, and rebellious attitude are the qualities that won the hearts of fans both young and old. He is also praised for being an amazing live performer and passionate activist. His style transcended all genres and he never stopped releasing new material or putting on shows. He even had some new ventures in the works before his unexpected passing. His vast influence amongst his peers was made evident as they flooded the net with memories of being in his presence and/or working with him. Their memories enlightened a lot of people as many were unaware of a lot of the music that Prince was behind. With 35 plus years in the game and a list of accomplishments that could go on for days, there is no wonder why Prince is listed as one of the greatest entertainers of all times. He was and will continue to be one of the most talked about as well as respected individuals in the industry. His legacy is truly unprecedented and as such he will never be forgotten. The world of music will not be the same without him but it was certainly blessed to have him for the time that it did.

**My Two Cents: I’m not a Prince stan or anything but I enjoy some of his tunes and I like the movie Purple Rain. Additionally, I have a huge amount of respect for his impact on the music industry. He inspired and wrote & produced for a lot of my faves. I was both shocked as well as saddened to hear of his passing and still can’t hardly believe it. He was young and still very much so active. But I guess we all have our time. May peace and comfort be with his loved ones in their time of mourning and may he rest in paradise along with the other musical greats that are kicking it in the heavens. Enjoy Mariah Carey & Dru Hill’s rendition of “The Beautiful Ones” above. Thanks for everything oh Purple One. -MinM

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