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After a relentless beat down from G.O.O.D Music’s very own Pusha T and an unhealthy amount of controversies, the double Drizzy album Scorpion is finally here to be consumed by the general, judgemental public.

Like many of Drake’s albums before, Scorpion has yet again, given us another quick peek at the man behind the curtain. Instead of traditionally attacking back at Pusha T (again) with a track full of pointed fingers, Drake uses the track “Emotionless” to explain himself in a way that only Drizzy can, through emotional bars.

“I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world

I was hiding the world from my kid

From empty souls who just wake up and look to debate

Until you starin’ at your seed, you can never relate.” – Drake (“Emotionless”)

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“I Don’t” (iTunes)

Veteran diva Mariah Carey has had an interesting past couple of months. She had the whole New Year’s Eve disaster. She’s been carving out her own lane in reality television via her E! docuseries, Mariah’s World. She split with her now former fiance James Packer. And to top it all off, she released a brand new collaboration with West Coast rapper YG. The unexpected record is coined “I Don’t” and it is produced by Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox.


Deni Rosa

Meet New York’s own Deni Rosa. She began her singing career as a child singing in her grandmother’s church and starring in school plays and choral ensembles. Since the tender age of two, she’s had a profound love for music and could be seen watching recorded music videos as well as live performances of greats such as: Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston. With additional influences stemming from other greats acts like: TLC, En Vogue, Usher, Yolanda Adams, Mary J. Blige, and Beyoncé. Deni’s style can be described as a Renaissance R&B with an Urban swag. In 2012, Deni released her first EP unDENIable receiving great reviews. Deni’s sultry smooth sound and creative concepts grab the attention of anyone that she graces with her talents making her without a doubt an electrifying newcomer in the industry.

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The music world was rocked to it’s core yesterday (4/21) when the news spread that iconic entertainer Prince had passed away at his home & studio in Paisley Park, Minneapolis. The eccentric spirit was found unresponsive in an elevator in his dwelling. CPR attempts were made to no avail. The cause of death is still uncertain. Speculation has it that the talent was suffering from flu or pneumonia like symptoms last week. His plane had to make an emergency landing in Illinois but he was released from the hospital not too long after the incident. Another running theory is that the symptoms were actually the result of an overdose. Carver County, Hennepin County Sheriffs, and the Mid-West Medical Examiner’s Office are currently conducting an investigation. He was only 57 years old at the time of his death and in the middle of a new tour.

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“I’m anti-Backstreet and Ricky Martin with instincts to kill N’Sync, don’t get me started. These f—ng brats can’t sing and Britney’s garbage. What’s this b— retarded? Gimme back my sixteen dollars.” (“Marshall Mathers”)

Back in May of 2000, I was getting ready to graduate the 8th grade when Eminem dropped the soundtrack to my life (so I thought). The Marshall Mathers LP. The Marshall Mathers LP was for the middle class kids who hated their parents and never really fit in with the cool kids. I could recite this album from start to finish. But that was in 2000. Fourteen years later is a long time. Times change. People change. People mature. Or so we thought.