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Wyclef Jean – “My Girl”

by Miracle


“My Girl” (iTunes)

After spending a significant amount of time being low key, the infamous Wyclef Jean is gearing up to make a comeback. A couple of weeks ago, he released an upbeat duet titled “My Girl” with songstress Sasha MaRi. The single has been well received by fans and it even has it’s own official website complete with a meme generator. Readers can check out said site here. Find out how the song pans out with The Illixer after the break.

The production here is enchanting. The clean foundation, cadenced musical ingredients, contagious tempo, and feel good vibe make for an ideal combination. The hook is a treasure as well. The melodies are on point and the lyrics are endearing. The verses are of a top of the line quality. Wyclef Jean and Sasha MaRi engage in a back & forth exchange that will undoubtedly warm the heart of any listener. They utilize smooth harmonies with sterling lyrics and exhibit an undeniable chemistry. A snippet from their joint offering includes: (WJ)“Slow wine like a dance hall queen. And she making me feel forever 17.” (SM) “You got the personality I like. Forbidden fruit, I gotta take a bite. Ignore the hype cause you and I got something special … special.”One has to appreciate the doting nature of those lines right there. In interviews pertaining to this record, Wyclef stated that he wanted to use the influence of Caribbean style music to create an uplifting anthem, especially considering the state of the world today. He carries out this goal quite nicely. As a whole, this song is a winner.

**My Two Cents: I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received this submission. But I dig the occasional Wyclef cut, so I decided to press play. I’m glad that I did. The energy of this track is everything, the content is refreshing, and the vocal work is favorable. Especially Miss MaRi’s. She’s a novel face to the music world and the site will definitely be keeping our ears on her. Anyone into island themed music or anyone  just looking for a pick me up, should check out this tune for sure. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on the face and get those hips moving. For more with Wyclef Jean, keep an eye on his Twitter account (see above). There is a video on the horizon for “My Girl” and the third installment in his Carnival series is in the works. -MinM

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