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Renz Young – “So Much Love”

by Miracle

It’s been about five years since the site had Milwaukee talent Renz Young featured on the site. His latest efforts are making some waves. So figured it was time to reconnect readers with the 414 hopeful. A few days ago he released a fresh single coined “So Much Love.” The single is produced by the rapper himself and it seemingly draws a little bit of influence from the 90’s hit “Baby, Baby, Baby” by veteran R&B girl group TLC.

The production here is lit. The brimming base, rich secondary details, inviting rhythm, and old school style vibe make for a wonderful match up. There is no actual hook on this cut. The title just kind of plays in the background throughout the record. Additionally, this is where the aforementioned influence comes into play. It’s basically a snippet of the hook from the 90’s classic delivered by a set of deep and slightly distorted vocals. It’s a fitting concept. The extended verse is respectable. Renz Young shows up with a prominent flow, seamless wordplay, and uninhibited rhymes. He goes in about his status in the game, his dealings with the opposite sex, and more. A handful of rewind worthy lines from his verbal outpouring includes: “Never knowing what they out for. Women in my past made me colder than the South Pole. That same feeling what made me flooded in the drought though. Show me love online but never show it when I’m out though. Don’t know what’s gotten into me. Probably cause the ones I thought was friends turned to my enemies.” There is no denying the craftiness of those bars right there. Overall, this single is a banger.

**My Two Cents: Renz Young has definitely grown in his craft since my first encounter with his music five years back. He’s tightened up his flow and his way with words has gotten slicker. I dig “So Much Love” a lot. The beat is everything and it fits the content like a glove. You gotta listen to it a few times to catch all of the gems. But I’m pretty sure your ears won’t mind at all. So go ahead and hit that play button. -MinM

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