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Rizenhower The Great Poupon F/ kEwii – “To The Beat” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

Rizenhower The Great Poupon has released the second single/video from his upcoming project, The Riz EP. This time around he teamed up with fellow 414 talent kEwii. The pair created a diverting tune dubbed “To The Beat.”

The production here is very likable. It was once again handled by DSCRIBE. The groovy infrastructure paired with the various distinctive instruments results in a winning sound. The hook is valid too. The delivery is magnetic and the lyrics are simple yet memorable. The verses are satisfactory. Rizenhower takes on the first half and kEwii takes on the second. Both artists come with sprightly content, a little Spanish, and a whole lot of character. All in all, this is a really fresh selection.

The video for “To The Beat” once again sees FamousMF behind the camera. The setting for the piece is downtown Milwaukee. The premise for the vision is basically just Riz and kEwii having a blast as they go thru the single. There is some studio magic, dancing, a live jam session, and lots of smiles / laughter. Basic concept but one that anyone watching will find entertaining. Overall, this is a noble visual.

**My Two Cents: Rizen and kEwii make a dope team. “To The Beat” is a slick track. The production gives off a wonderful energy and the content is very inventive. I love the way that both artists infuse a little Spanish into the mix. And the video does a really nice job of capturing the energy that is felt in the song. Everyone seemed to be having a nice time and it comes off as genuine. Not just staged for the camera. It’s pleasing to see artists getting along and sharing their art. The Riz EP is due out on the 14th. Awesome Valentine’s Day gift, right? Be sure to check those links at the start of the post so that you don’t miss out. -MinM

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