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Drake – Scary Hours (EP)

by Miracle

So Drake decided that he was ready to contribute to the wave of new music that’s been dropping in the new year. The 6-god rapper hit the masses with a midnight release of a two track EP intriguingly titled Scary Hours. The project features songs “God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity.”

“God’s Plan” is signature of the Drizzy that wins over listeners every time. The instrumental is lively and has a strong groove. It’ll kick off your turn up for a night out or just knock smoothly in the whip as you’re cruising through the city. The content is catchy and full of lines that just scream potential random social media quotes (lol). Tell me you can’t see “She say do you love me? I tell her only partly. I only love my bed and my mama. I’m sorry;” flooding your timelines courtesy of guys who think they got it like that when it comes to the ladies (lmao)? This is definitely the stronger of the two singles in my opinion.

“Diplomatic Immunity” is a lot more serious of a cut. It has that whole tough guy Drake persona going on. Drake hits or misses when he goes this route. The production is cool. It consists of a nice healthy bass and tense yet subtle musical elements throughout. The content is where things fall a little flat for me. Just seems like a never ending rant about his various wins and losses. However, there are a couple of engaging moments where the Canadian spitter takes shots at Jennifer Lopez and rapper Joe Budden. He reflects: “S–t is complex like short n—as round tall ladies. I gotta watch who I’m talking to like it’s all ages. I’ve seen budding careers turn to sit around and talk about other careers. Judging they peers. Knowledge from n—as who did not contribute to none of this here.” This is the second time in just under a month that someone came for Joey’s head. Maybe he’ll respond now, who knows. But all in all track is just lukewarm to me.

Rumor has is that Scary Hours is just laying the foundation for a bigger project to drop this year. The EP doesn’t necessarily get me hype for a full length effort from the OVO leader but it might work for others. What say you? Leave us a line in the comments section and let us know what you think. -MinM

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