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Pinqy Ring – “Where Do We Go From Here?” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

Where Do We Go From Here(Photo By Pinqy Ring)

Chicago artist Pinqy Ring is currently using her platform to bring awareness to as well as create dialogue about a major problem that is plaguing her hometown. It is no secret that the windy city is notorious for it’s violent atmosphere. The gun violence seems to get increasingly worse as time goes on and it is no longer just coming from the streets. The Chicago Police Department is a part of the epidemic as well (Google Laquan McDonald). With infamous film persona Spike Lee‘s current controversial take on the issue circulating (Chi-Raq), Pinqy wanted to do something a little more realistic and tangible. So she decided to release a third single off of her album, Herstory: The Lost Chapters. The selection she chose is coined “Where Do We Go From Here?” and it features the HHW Youth Choir. It is produced by Gabe of the B96 Morning Show.

The song is set to a striking instrumental. The mellow infrastructure, sentimental musical elements, and mournful vibe make quite the auditory impact. The hook is touching as well. The choir supplies heartfelt vocals and stirring lyrics. The verses are compelling. Pinqy Ring indulges in an emotional flow with vivid wordplay and experienced rhymes. She paints a disturbing yet necessary picture of the gun violence of the Chi and the tragic affect that it is having on the people who reside in the city. Her goal in doing so, is to get a discussion of sorts going that will ultimately lead to putting an end to the chaos. As a whole, this track is an extremely meaningful number.

The video for the selection is directed by Wil Diaz. The shooting and editing are done by Definite Sound Media. It opens with a happy touristy look at Chicago set to a tune done in ode of the city by the late Frank Sinatra. News reports then kick in detailing just a small portion of a more horrifying reality. Following the clips, the visual transitions to black & white and a glimpse of the youth choir. Pinqy makes an appearance as well. She is decked out in funeral attire which makes a pretty powerful statement. The duration of the piece contains additional images that represent the city’s turmoil including: graphic news clips, bullet riddled sites, grieving mothers, and the children who are at risk, just to name a few. The flick concludes with the chilling scenario from the above depicted artwork. All in all, it is an essential vision that certainly drives one to do some serious contemplating.

**My Two Cents: “Where Do We Go From Here?” is a valuable release. Both the song & video do an excellent job of shedding light on the ongoing plight of the people of Chicago. The video is especially gripping and evokes feelings of sympathy and wanting to help. We are no strangers to the violence of the streets here in Milwaukee either. So I can certainly relate to the predicament. I believe readers will be able to as well. So I encourage everyone to give the video a play and/or share. Rest in peace to all of those who have lost their lives to gun violence. And may a peaceful solution soon be found. -MinM

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