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Petti Hendrix Q&A (Life + Music =)

by Miracle


Petti Hendrix needs no real introduction to the site. He is one of the few artists in Milwaukee whose name garners recognition on a major level. Plus, he’s been featured a couple of times before. One of the fellas behind Life + Music = got a chance to catch up with the ambitious rebel and ask him a few questions. Discover how the conversation went down after the break.

Life + Music =: You come from a background of basketball players and you played ball as well. But you used to play with music too. What made you want to take Rap seriously?
Petti Hendrix: Really just started playing around with rap, me and my guys. And my basketball career wasn’t as successful as my big bros. I took a leap of faith on this Rap ish.
L+M=: How long have you been rapping and who inspires you?
PH: About five years, taking it seriously. And my pops was my influence and family. It’s no boundaries growing up in a household like mine. We listen to everything. That’s why you can’t put me in a box because music is a feeling not a genre. Good music drives me. I love the sound & feel of good music.

L+M=: You have a following with Rebel Religion, describe your movement?

PH: My movement has no rules, my movement is free, my movement breaks boundaries. My movement goes against the grain. Anybody just can’t rep my flag. It’s not about talent, its about loyalty. And we from a city where almost nobody make it. We rebels by default.

L+M=: Who would you like to work with in the future (local or major)?

PH: Music is very personal to me. Well my music is very personal to me. So I’m not to big on features but if we can benefit off each other and it make sense then its going to get done.

L+M=: Contact information and plug any new shows or work that you have also.

PH: @PettiHendrix on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook / pettihendrix.com for the latest on me

L+M=: Your life plus music equals what?

PH: Pain, struggle, the good times, the bad times. Just the journey or the climb to see if you can make it to the top. Music is not a drug to me, its therapy. Seeing how far you can go with the music is the ultimate drug for me.

Life + Music = Petti Hendrix

 -Timothy Devons

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