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Pinqy Ring – “Revolución”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

This year’s presidential election was one of the most talked about and controversial events ever. The outcome of the election was quite the ordeal as well. And most would say that it left the already bleak state of our country in even worse shape. Which understandably brings about feelings of: fear, anger, hopelessness, sadness, etc. So what is one to do? Well Chicago artist Pinqy Ring decided to use her gifts and her platform to craft a call-to-action of sorts titled “Revolución. ” The song is produced by rising Miami talent RKL and it was initiated for a debut performance that Pinqy had at Second City.

The production here is exceptional. The strong bass-line, commanding background ingredients, uniform tempo, and weighty vibe make for a striking combination. The hook is pointed. The delivery is crisp and the lyrics are definitive. The verses tell it like it is. Pinqy Ring employs an impassioned flow, plainspoken wordplay, and no-nonsense rhymes. She speaks in great detail about the injustices that plague the world today and what the people who suffer them need to do to make things right. A highlight from her fight for change includes: “Whip you, slave you, treat you like ya nothing. Trick you, play you, like we ain’t worth loving. Inflict you, deprave you, head hunting. (…) How many times are we proving our worth? It seems to me we’ve been doomed since our birth. Soiling and toiling and working the dirt. We are out of our patience. Our bodies are hurt. Put food on their table. And they give us the scraps. This can’t be life. We are bigger than that. You gotta know this is bigger than Rap.” Those are some seriously riveting opening bars right there. One can feel the pain and frustration within those words without a doubt. All in all, this is a must hear selection.

**My Two Cents: Once again Pinqy Ring comes through with a tune that holds a lot of significance. There is so much going on in the world today and while discussion is necessary, a plan of action is definitely needed as well as some follow through on said plan. Nothing but respect for Pinqy for using her talents to try to bring about reform and speak up for those who can’t readily get their voices heard. Not to mention the fact that the anthem is wonderfully packaged. The production supplies the perfect soundtrack for the cause and I also love the unapologetic nature of the lyrics. Very happy Pinqy shared this with the site. Hope more artists follow her lead. On another note, a congrats to Ms. Pinqy is in order. She successfully completed a recent Kickstarter campaign which will allow her to release new music and more in 2017. Couldn’t think of a more deserving spirit. -MinM

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