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The Illixer’s 5 Year Anniversary

by Miracle

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The Illixer’s Songs Of The Year (2016)

Pooh Bailey’s 2017 Top 5 New Artists

**Editor’s Note: The Illixer turned five years old this month. It is crazy to think that we’ve been up and running for that long. I’ve seen a lot of other publications come & go during the course of the site’s run. So it is truly a blessing to still be standing. Wish we could’ve gotten a little bit more accomplished this year but overall it’s been another dope ride. Much love and appreciation to those who continue to show their support. It is always valued. Looking forward to us all continuing to build & grow together in 2017. Have a lot of awesome ideas/plans for year six. So fingers crossed that we get the chance to make some or all of them come into fruition. If there are ideas or suggestions that you think might help improve the site in any way, please do not hesitate to share by dropping a line in the comments section below. As always, we are very much so open to receiving feedback. Otherwise, thanks again for making us your number one stop for all things in Urban Entertainment. It’s been our pleasure to be of service and we look forward to doing it bigger & better in the new year. Be sure to check out the links at the beginning of the post for our annual songs of the year and new artists commentaries. Just for fun as well as nostalgic purposes, check out Ray J F/ Ludacris – “Celebration” below. Because another year strong in the music game is definitely a reason to celebrate. -MinM

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