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Pinqy Ring – “Phoenix” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

The site’s favorite pink haired goddess, Pinqy Ring, recently reached out with a couple of exciting career updates and a brand new song/video. The Chicago emcee was blessed with a grant from her hometown to embark on her very own tour. To kick off the tour. Pinqy will be rocking the stage at the infamous Taste Of Chicago event which just so happens to be going down today. Her set will include a live band as well as DJs. So if you happen to be in attendance, be sure to check her out. I’m sure she will not disappoint.

“Phoenix” is the new single/video that Pinqy has chosen to grace the masses with. She wrote and recorded the track during her artist residency at the historical Ragsdale. It should be noted that Pinqy Ring is the first rapper to reside and make music on the organization’s grounds. That is an awesome fact. The record is produced by Serdna. The production is of a superior quality. It entails: a discreet base, flavorful secondary components, a smooth tempo, and a sobering vibe. There is nook, just a nod to the title towards the end of the track. The prolonged verse is winning. Pinqy Ring drums up a gritty bilingual flow, fitting wordplay, and intense rhymes. This selection serves as a testament to Pinqy surviving a serious car crash in 2004 that left her in a coma. It left her with a hunger to conquer life’s obstacles as well as take over the Rap game and the listener can hear the tenacity in her voice. All in all, this is a deserving tune.

The video for the single is a product of Definite Sound Media. Wilderness surroundings serve as the main location for the visuals. Pinqy dons two different types of symbolic wardrobes. One represents her “phoenix” self. It is a very beautiful and striking image. And the other represents her in all of her rising rapper glory. It’s more street which matches the hard hitting energy that is demonstrated via the aura of the selection. There are also some cool angle & editing tricks at work that add a dramatic element to the flick. And of course no song about taking over the rap game would be complete without a few glimpses of Pinqy in the studio. As a whole, this is a wonderfully put together vision.

**My Two Cents: I am very happy for Pinqy and her new career developments. Touring is an exciting venture and who wouldn’t want to rock the stage at one of the biggest events in their own backyard. She is such a sweet humble soul and totally deserving of the good fortune. And I’m feeling both the “Phoenix” song and video. Pinqy Ring proves that she can hang with the best of ’em and the visuals are very creative/outside of the box. I hope her tour is a huge success and I can’t wait to hear/see more music. Readers definitely need to hit that play when they have time. -MinM

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