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Famous MF – “Caesar X Brutus” (Video) & “Another White Rapper” (Song)

by Pooh Bailey

So here is a double header from one of our favorite artists, Famous MF.  First up is the visual for his track “Caesar X Brutus.”

This was your typical ‘in the alley just rapping’ video. Nothing special except the pouring of the cough syrup. And even that is redundant. Famous is good at the photography/video game, however, it’s time for an upgrade. There were so many directions this could’ve gone in, but Famous played it safe. As for the song itself, it’s pretty decent. It’s more of an album filler than a single. But most likely it’s being used as a buzz single, and in this case, it works. However, I hope Famous isn’t leading any new project with just this single/video alone.

“Another White Rapper” is a new single recorded and produced by Famous MF. This is a good track. But with a title like “Another White Rapper,” I expected Famous to go all in. Instead he held back. It seems as if Famous is just skating through these tracks and is really not putting his imprint on them. Famous is a battle rapper and battle rappers do have a hard time making cohesive records. However, with a little work and revamping, Famous could really be a problem. Production on this track is what really stood out for me. Famous really has a gift with the boards. It’s reminiscent of old Alchemist. Now if only he could attack his songs like he does a battle or his beat machine. -Pooh Bailey

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