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Otis Bruno – “Hunnids” (Video)

by Miracle

Introducing Otis Bruno. Otis is an artist on the fast track from Brooklyn, NY. His music is taking over club scenes and radio markets from New York to Florida. It all started with his single “Bophead.” It leaked, became a trending topic on Twitter, and the rest is history. Though Otis has seen some success within the Hip-Hop world before via his group Persona Non Grata also known as PNG. He ended up going solo after the group disbanded due to the unfortunate death of one of their members. His style has been described as unpredictable and splashy. He is currently linked up with Street Science Ent. and is now on a campaign for his upcoming project, New World Aura. Otis’s hope for his new project is that it brings listeners a better understanding of him and provides something fresh for the world of Hip-Hop.


Otis is kicking off the promotion of his pending project with the release of the single / video, “Hunnids.” The single was produced by Money Moss. The production is incredible. It is made up of a healthy bass, slick rhythm, and hood vibe. The hook is acceptable. The delivery is distinguishable and the lyrics are self-explanatory. The verses are competent. Otis brings an enterprising flow, consistent wordplay, and moderate rhymes. He does an effective job of discussing his sentiments about the all mighty dollar. Overall, this is a pretty honorable offering. The visuals are a product of G Films. The premise for the video is cinematic in nature and entails the themes of: money, lust, and greed. There are some aesthetically pleasing solo shots of Otis as well. As a whole, the video too is a chief piece of work.

**My Two Cents: I certainly get why Otis Bruno is making so much noise in the clubs and on the radio.  He has a catchy style and his pen game is pretty tight. Would definitely love to hear what he can do on some more versatile style cuts. For more with the emerging talent, check out his website or follow him on Twitter. -MinM

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