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Juliano (Flyght Gang) – “M.I.A”

by Miracle
(Photo By Sound Cloud)

 “M.I.A” (listen/download)

Meet Juliano. He is an up-and-coming Milwaukee artist who is part of a collective called Flyght Gang. The group exhibits a one of a kind style, as they blend Hip-Hop with various other genres to create their sound. Other members of the group include: Panamera, Chosen, Don Naveella, Mo B!tches Mcgee, Sosa, Charlie Dinero, and Kevon Looney. The assembly of artists is currently working on promoting and expanding their brand by doing shows here in Milwaukee, Madison, Southwest Wisconsin, and Iowa. To give an example of the Flyght Gang’s flavor, Juliano sent over a tracked dubbed, “M.I.A.”

The production here is nontraditional but first-string. It is composed of a smooth bass, Techno style elements, a diverse rhythm, and a multifaceted vibe. The hook is diverting. The delivery is concise and the lyrics are enticing. The verses are hot. The flows are urbane, the wordplay is compact, and the rhymes are copacetic. Juliano and his Flyght Gang crew give a meticulous rundown of their version of living it up which includes: nice things, pretty girls, sipping top shelf, and smoking on the best. A few memorable lines are: “Hollow tip rounds. When I buck, buck ’em down. N—as scared to man up. I stand up on my own two. N—a f–k your whole crew. I party how I’m supposed to. All my homeboys fly. Baby get a view.  Black and red twelves. I just call these s–ts the flu.” Crafty spitting going on in those bars. Overall, this joint is a banger.

**My Two Cents: I loved this track from beginning to end. The production is great because it’s something distinct. The content was of grade A quality and perfectly tailored to the beat. Flyght Gang has a new fan in me for sure. But readers are encouraged to check out the single for themselves and form their own opinions. Those interested can keep up with the Milwaukee group here. -MinM

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