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Nu Money – “Wanna Know” (Video)

by Miracle

unnamed(Photo By 2 Much Movement Studios)

Last month Milwaukee’s own Nu Money released his highly anticipated mixtape, Perc Kodeine. It has received favorable reviews from both fans and media alike. The most common note being that it surprisingly is not full of just ‘turn up’ style music. A good example of that would be his single “Wanna Know” which he just recently dropped a video for a couple of weeks ago. The track is a slower tempo number in which the 414 talent ponders over just how deep his significant other’s dedication to him runs. He plays around with a bit of melody on the hook and he serves up some genuine high quality bars on the verses. All in all, it’s a refreshing track.

The video is a product of 2 Much Movement Studios and was directed by Bulut Erdem & Randall Campbell. It takes on a real cinematic quality as the camera follows Nu Money’s special lady preparing a romantic evening for two while he is out and about taking care of business. Though apart they make sure to keep in contact by exchanging the occasional text. In between the scenes of their separate ventures, is a gripping solo shot of Nu Money posted up on a brick wall writing in his notebook. It has a real artist in their zone type of feel to it. Just as everything is all set and ready to go for the picturesque evening and Nu Money is headed home, tragedy strikes. The flick concludes with his girlfriend receiving a phone call and then making a distraught hasty exit. As a whole, it was a compelling watch for a meaningful single.

**My Two Cents: There is nothing wrong with making live music but I also believe there is no need to be hype 24/7. So I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing this side of Nu Money. The song was on point and the video was perfect. Everything from the editing to the storyline was a hit. Perc Kodeine is currently available for sale if local readers can happen to catch Nu Money in person. And for everyone else it will be posted online very soon. Be sure to keep an eye on his website for further details. -MinM

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