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ATlas BLK – “BLK Thoughts [Intro]”

by Miracle

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“BLK Thoughts [Intro]” (listen/download)

ATlas BLK is a young budding talent from Boston, MA. He has ties to all parts of the globe though due the fact that his mother is from the Central African Republic and he’s had music ventures in locations such as Swaziland and Costa Rica. His vast musical experience in a wide range of cultures and regions is deeply reflected in ATlas BLK’s style. Additionally, he has a keen passion for the Black culture and it’s patterns. Which he also tries to make evident in his tunes by describing his content as that of a man trying to remain enlightened while at the same time trying to live. At the moment, he has a new project in development. To get a buzz going and possibly win over some new supporters, he is pushing a single called “BLK Thoughts [Intro].”

The track was produced by Co.fee & Analog Candle. It turned out to be of a four star quality. It consists of: a solid bass, quirky background vocals, snazzy musical components, an infectious rhythm, and a sleek vibe. There is no hook present on this selection. The extended verse is hot. ATlas BLK exhibits a distinguishable flow, noteworthy wordplay, and peak rhymes. He does a commendable job of reflecting upon a few things that are on his mind. A handful of lines worth observing are: “My little cousin got a buddy with a special index. Said that b—h cramp up if a n—a try flexing. Tried to stab his daddy. S–t I didn’t expect. Like where do young bucks go when they’ve got no sense? N—as trying to buy rides when they can’t pay rent. I call it bulls–t. You call it money well spent. Whatever. I don’t give a damn. Never gave a f–k. I’m a east side boy n—a. Boston stand up.” Those are some canny bars right there. Overall, this song makes for a great preview piece for ATlas BLK’s upcoming offering.

**My Two Cents: I think ATlas BLK may have just secured himself a new fan. I love his flow and he’s got some pretty savvy bars. I was definitely feeling this intro. I would certainly be interested to hear what else he can do. Readers can visit the provided website link for more with the Beantown rapper and can also certainly expect to see him in future posts on the site. -MinM

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Tyler March 7, 2014 - 12:48 am

Yo, this is a sick song!! Good job for finding him, he just made a new fan


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