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News Quickies: The Boondocks Returns For Season 4

by Miracle

Picture-4(Photo By Google Images)

So rumors started circulating earlier this year that beloved animated series The Boondocks was ending it’s hiatus and coming back to Adult Swim for a fourth season. This was confirmed later on in the year by some vague brief ads on the network itself; before ultimately being made official when the trailer for season four hit the net just a few days ago. The Freeman family and the rest of the Woodcrest gang will be returning to the small screen as of the 21st of this month. While fans are elated for the comeback; there is a bit of drama surrounding the venture. The creator of the comic & series, Aaron McGruder, does not have a hand in the new season at all. Though he didn’t go into too many details, he quickly dropped the bombshell on Facebook upon getting wind of the fact that the show would soon be back on the air. He claims to have no hard feelings about the cartoon moving forward without him though he admits to being sad about leaving it behind. Which only makes sense as the brand was pretty much the cornerstone of his career. His announcement was met with a lot of mixed reactions and questions. Those who still plan on supporting the series can peep the trailer above. On another note, McGruder is working on a brand new series which will also air on Adult Swim called Black Jesus. -MinM

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