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Poetik Jinetiks – “Destiny”

by Miracle

artworks-000074304845-pdnkxv-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Destiny” (preview)

Poetik Jinetiks is an emcee/producer from Texas. He is part of a collective that goes by the name of Divine Atoms. The company is described in the following manner: “Divine Atoms is more then just a community trying to bring together artistic souls. Its also a philosophy that prides itself on showcasing the godliest forms of love to every soul we meet. Being the deity that we were created to be (Facebook).” Recently, Poetik dropped a track called “Destiny” produced by 1618 & Kafe. The production is solid. It consists of: a sunken base, unconventional musical components, a stylish rhythm, and a pensive vibe. There is no hook used on this record. This is an understandable approach as the song falls just over a minute in length. The continuous verse is decent. Poetik dishes out a casual flow, different wordplay, and moderate rhymes. According to the press info for the selection, Poetik’s goal was to relay his sentiments regarding life’s destiny and the way that we can achieve true freedom. He tackled both concepts nobly. Overall, this was a quality concise single.

**My Two Cents: Poetik Jinetiks and Divine Atoms certainly bring something a little out of the ordinary to the table. Which is a good thing. It’s always refreshing to encounter versatile perspectives, philosophies, styles, etc, in music. I thought this was a decent effort. I wish it could have been a tad longer though which would have given Poetik a chance to elaborate and really get deep into the concepts. But I liked it. I think readers should go ahead and set aside a minute to give it a listen. More from the Divine Atoms group will be hitting the site soon. So stay tuned. -MinM

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