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News: Nas & Pusha T Invest In Urban Magazine

by Miracle

Nas-2013(Photo By UrbanIslandz.Com)

Seems not all Hip-Hop artists are using their status for foolishness and poor decisions these days. Veteran rapper Nas has decided to become part of a joint venture to own urban media outlet, Mass Appeal. He will be investing an undisclosed six figure sum into the deal. Other individuals getting in on the venture include: rapper Pusha T, record label / creative agency DECON, and international firm White Owl Capital. Mass Appeal will make a transition from being mostly print based to increasing their online presence. Their online presence will include: web video, photography, social media, print articles, live ventures, and more. Currently, Mass Appeal has a YouTube channel that features: behind the scenes of the magazine, original series, video shorts, and so forth.

Nas will serve as an associate publisher. Mass Appeal‘s first run started in 1996 and lasted until 2008. The company was shut down for a period of time and came back to life earlier this year. Representatives from Mass Appeal pride themselves on the publication being huge on creativity and embodying all aspects of Hip-Hop, from the music to the fashion. As new details emerge about the Mass Appeal venture, there will be an update. So stay tuned.

**My Two Cents: It’s always nice to see rappers investing their money instead of spending it like they don’t know any better. And as the owner of my own media outlet, I think it’s dope that their money will be put to good use by helping to maintain and expand one. Major props to Nas and Pusha T for their contributions. I hope the venture turns out well for them. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Mass Appeal to see what they produce. -MinM

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