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News: Youngest Rapper In Hip-Hop Sparking Controversy

by Miracle

lilpoopy(Photo By RollingOut.Com)

Rapper French Montana has spawned a child protégé who goes by the name of Lil Poopy. The fourth grade rapper hails from Brockton, Massachusetts. Though adorable in appearance, his music consists of very mature material. His content entails talks of: money, drugs, women, partying, and a luxurious lifestyle. His videos feature him alongside large groups of adult males as they drink alcohol, smoke marijuana, etc. He has also been featured in videos interacting with adult females in sexual ways. These situations have caused quite a bit of trouble for the young talent. A case was brought against his father earlier this year for child abuse. The Brockton police felt like the nature of Lil Poopy’s music and videos were way too extreme for his age and that his father should be held responsible for neglect. His father’s response was that the police were taking things too seriously and that he would be taking the matters to his legal personnel. The case was closed last month with no further actions being taken against Poopy’s father.

However, recently the Massachusetts Department Of Children And Families (DCF) opened up a brand new case regarding the rising child star. The rapper was riding with his producer / videographer Brian Slay, when they got pulled over by Brockton police. Police officers claim that the vehicle the duo were in smelled like marijuana. Additionally, the two were stopped after midnight. Authorities probably weren’t too thrilled about the idea of Poopy being out so late either. The traffic stop took place in a McDonalds’ parking lot. Slay’s vehicle was searched and there was nothing found in the car. But DCF is still launching an investigation into Poopy’s family due to the fact that they have some concerns about him hanging out with Slay. Poopy’s attorney contends that this is all uncalled for and that the authorities are just harassing Lil Poopy and those associated with him. But it’s not just those in high positions that have a problem with Lil Poopy. The Brockton community has some issues with his portrayal and actions as well. Activists have stated that they find his music and videos intolerable and disgusting. An example of Lil Poopy’s tunes can be found here. If anything further develops with his new case, there will be an update.

**My Two Cents: This is a crazy situation. I am all for children being involved with music if that is truly what they want to do. However, their image and content should be age appropriate. Lil Poopy’s brand is anything but. He is too young to be around so many adults. Also, the things they are exposing him to are not at all fitting for a child. And he definitely should not be encouraged to repeat or imitate any of it. His innocence is being tainted and it’s very unfortunate. His father doesn’t care because he’s after the poor boy’s money. I don’t blame DCF or the police. If French Montana isn’t going to suitably groom Lil Poopy as a child artist, then Lil Poopy’s career should be shut down and he should go back to being a regular little kid. Thoughts? Drop a line in the comments section and chime in. -MinM

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