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News: Meek Mill Ends Up Behind Bars

by Miracle

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Maybach Music Group artist Meek Mill has been catching hell left and right as of late. First, he started a social media war with his fellow label mate Wale when he took to his personal Twitter account to air out grievances for what he feels is a lack of support for his music. Readers can take a look at the rants here: part one and part two. Wale responded back via a lengthy post on Instagram.

He claims that he has done nothing but try to support Meek Mill in every way possible; be it changing his social media pictures for releases or sending out personal text messages on special occasions. And that Meek Mill is the one who refuses to return the favor or communicate. Wale went on to say that he doesn’t get a whole lot of visible support for his endeavors either but that it doesn’t bother him. He feels like he’s a tad different from the established MMG standard and has embraced it. He’s confident in his abilities regardless of who’s backing him and just wants to continue to make the most out of his opportunity to be in the Hip-Hop game in his own way. He seems to have no hard feelings towards Meek Mill and the MMG crew. He just doesn’t appreciate being branded a non-supporter and hater. Interestingly enough, his single “The Followers” made it’s way to number one on the Billboard Charts while all of this was going down.

Adding to the fray, rappers Roscoe Dash and Louie V Gutta decided to take the opportunity to  go in on Meek for themselves via taunting tweets. Both individuals have a not so pleasant history with the Philly rapper. He responded back to both artists, setting off fresh rounds of Twitter and Instagram feuding. Now that the dust has somewhat settled from those spectacles, word just recently hit the web that Meek Mill has received some jail time for multiple probation violations following a court appearance that took place earlier today. The details of his violations are not 100% clear but are said to revolve around Meek’s behavior as of late. Prosecutors say that Meek’s actions raise some cause for concern.

Specifically, the photos he has taken with guns. They didn’t identify any particular pictures but rumors say that the cover to Meek’s “Chiraq” Remix may have been one of the ones that stirred up trouble. It’s all red with a large black modified weapon on display. Meek supposedly had it posted to his personal Instagram account in April of this year. Additionally he’s been: trash talking the DA on social media, scheduling events without getting them pre-approved, changing his cell number without reporting it, etc. At the time of press, there was no confirmation on how much time Meek is actually looking at serving. Speculations range anywhere from a couple of weeks to about six months. The rapper is currently in custody but it has not yet been revealed as to when his sentence will officially start. If it’s anytime soon, the situation may put yet another damper on Meek’s music career. He has some upcoming shows scheduled and his second full length studio album Dreams Worth More Than Money, is supposed to drop in September.  Word has it that Meek and his legal team tried to fight the sentencing but that the judge was not trying to hear it. Meek has been struggling to comply with the terms of his probation for the past two years or so. Thus the judge felt no need to be sympathetic.

**My Two Cents: Some people just don’t need to be allowed to have social media accounts. Meek Mill appears to be one of those individuals. Instead of all of the absurd beefing with his fellow rappers, he should have been working on getting his legal issues together. Now he stands to lose money, promotional opportunities, and more. Whose retweeting his music is now the least of his concerns. I need Rick Ross to get a grip on his boy and school him on how the game works, his priorities, etc. That is all. -MinM

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