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News: Iggy Azalea Battles Her Ex Over Sex Tape & Music Rights

by Miracle

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“Fancy” rapper Iggy Azalea is finding herself in a bit of a pickle at the moment. Her ex boyfriend and former manager Hefe Wine is seemingly trying to make a quick come up off of the rising artist. First, Wine decided to make Iggy the center of the next sex tape scandal as he is allegedly working to release footage of the two in their most private and intimate moments. Rumor has it that infamous porn company Vivid Entertainment is the party that Wine is in purchasing and distribution talks with. And everyone knows once they get possession of a tape, it’s pretty much over. Just ask Mimi Faust and Kim Kardashian. The delay of the tape is being attributed to the fact that Iggy was supposedly not quite of age at the time of filming. Plus, she has also threatened to bring a lawsuit against Vivid Entertainment to prevent them from being able to seal the reportedly seven figure deal with Wine. However, Wine claims that Iggy had just turned 18 when they initially started dating each other and that she originally signed some documents giving him the rights to distribute the tape as he sees fit. Sounds like one big mess.

If that’s not enough to make a girl want to pull her hair out, Iggy ended up having to follow through with an actual lawsuit recently. This one is against Wine himself for stealing data and music off of her personal computer. Iggy maintains that Wine downloaded info and music off of her computer back in 2009 while the couple were living together in Atlanta. He has threatened to release an EP of the tunes that will completely alter Iggy’s standing in the music world. Iggy’s lawsuit contends that the project cannot be released due to the fact that the music was illegally obtained. Wine once again states that he has a contract that gives him permission to use the music. Iggy counters that any documents that Wine has are fake and forged based off of their once legitimate business situation. Wine has stated the he still plans to move forward with both the tape and music releases despite the legal drama, even if he has to create a website himself and do it all on his own. He claims that his intentions are not of a malicious nature though. That in fact he is very proud of Iggy and all of her current success. So guess this is just about the coins. It will be interesting to see where the dust settles on this one. Poor little Iggy. Just for kicks, check out the brand new video for Jennifer Lopez‘s hit new remix of her single “Booty” below. It just so happens to feature the Australian beauty and it’s receiving some pretty rave reviews.

**My Two Cents: I’m not really a fan of Iggy’s but my heart goes out to her. Wine is a creep for trying to exploit her with the footage and music. He should be ashamed of himself. I hope that she wins both of her lawsuits and is able to put all of this messiness behind her as soon as possible. I can’t front though. I am a little curious to hear what’s on that EP, lol. On another note, not really digging the J-Lo song or video. But I figured some of the readers might like the eye candy. You’re welcome. -MinM

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