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Parallax – “Strength”

by Miracle

a3590528827_10(Photo By Band Camp)

London rapper/producer Parallax decided to share a new song off of his most recent EP, Depth Perception. The song is labeled “Strength” and was produced by Fredo with mixing by the London talent himself and cuts from Sam Zircon.

The production here is dope. It consists of: a classic Hip-Hop infrastructure, trendy supporting details, an upbeat tempo, and an energetic vibe. The hook is fresh too. The delivery is entertaining, the cuts are appropriately placed, and the lyrics are authentic. The verses are respectable. Parallax contributes a signature flow, slick wordplay, and impressive quality rhymes. He successfully proves to the listener that he definitely has some power when it comes to the mic. A couple of lines worth observing are: “I’m calm and collected when I’m rapping like it’s effortless. It must be a trait of my character and temperance. Got the breadth of a sniper that will never miss. My words are the bullet. And the rifle is my set of lips. (…) Killing rhythms and spitting my inner wisdom. Addicted to linking lyrics to fix up my inhibitions.” Those are some crisp opening bars right there. Overall, this is a winning selection.

**My Two Cents: I really liked this song. The beat was pure Hip-Hop through and through. Parallax handled his business as well. His flow was very appealing and his content was seriously on point. This was a good choice to release for the purpose of promoting the EP. If readers agree, they should check out the rest of the album on Band Camp by visiting the link provided at the beginning of the post. -MinM

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