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Team WatzGud – KnockBack City (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle


(Photos By Team WatzGud)

A couple of years have passed since the site has heard anything from high energy Mid-West based group Team WatzGud. So it was exciting when they reached out to share their newest project with readers. It’s a mixtape labeled KnockBack City. The collective is 11 tracks in length with a notable assortment of producers on deck. Continue reading to discover if the group’s magnetism is still translating into fan pleasing tunes after all this time.

“Ghost In My Kush Cloud”

This song was produced by Taz Taylor. The production here is suave. The hushed base, stylish low key background ingredients, gradual rhythm, and carefree vibe result in an ideal pairing. The hook is valid too. The delivery is savvy and the lyrics are original. The verses are good. The flows are temperate, the wordplay is skillful, and the rhymes are ace. The fellas paint an unique enticing personification of the one and only Mary Jane. Some striking lines from their vision are: “She came to me in between sessions. Haunt me when I start to thinking. Nah I am not tripping cause everyone go back in time when they smoking. That cool b—h that you always wanted. Her image so vivid when you start to puffing. Her booty a onion. Her racks (…) melon. Her attitude bossy. When it get too spooky, now who you gone call? Them kush ghost busting a** n—as. White, blue, and down with you n—as. Take shots with you n—as.” The descriptiveness of those words right there creates quite the mental illustration. Overall, this song is a hit and an instant site favorite.

“So Many Girls”

This record kicks off with an interview question pertaining to the fellas relationship statuses. The guys speak up about the question being controversial before the clip fades out and the beat kicks in. The production here is decent. The level foundation, sprightly secondary details, bouncy tempo, and festive vibe fit adequately together. The hook is solid. The delivery is melodic and the lyrics are catchy. The verses are satisfactory. The flows are versatile, the wordplay is moderate, and the rhymes are sufficient. The gentlemen pen a suitable anthem of fondness for the ladies. A few citable lines include: “All day got bands but you with your man. She said cool on that n—a. I can change my plans. Pass me the blunt. (…) She said she wild off that Goose. Sterling pour some more. I want you to turn up with me. Let your hair down get to flexing with me. Wild with my n—as and get messy with me. Then later on let you get sexy with me.” Those are some fun filled bars right there. As a whole, this is a commendable party joint.


This is the very final song on the tape. It was produced by Alex Megas. The production turned out well. It is assembled with: a discreet infrastructure, mild musical elements, an unhurried pace, and a neutral vibe. The hook is choice. The delivery is charismatic and the lyrics are lasting. The verses are orthodox. The flows are complimentary, the wordplay is creditable, and the rhymes are gratifying. Marijuana is once again the subject matter at hand but this time around it’s about it’s redeeming emotion based qualities. A handful of lines worth highlighting are: “To keep it trill this that s–t that keeps ’em chill. Rolling with your click. Y’all just out here searching for a thrill. Always on the grind. Hustle hard for yo next dollar bill. Trying to be the fresh prince. Pockets fat like Uncle Phil. Say that you be balling like you came up off of free-throws. Bragging ’bout the rats you got. Swear they look like Monroe. Oh you say that’s Amber Rose? She look more like Ne-Yo. Now I see why your hoes always be out on the down low. Anyway smoke a bit just so I can face my demons head on.” Those are some legitimate bars right there. All in all, this was a noble way to end the project.

**My Two Cents: I have to say that the fellas of Team WatzGud still have that it factor. KnockBack City is a little more reserved than their typical offerings but still has their signature charm and spirit. I liked it quite a bit. The production is spot on and the content is interesting. The topics once again could have been slightly more diverse but that’s not a big issue. The tape in it’s entirety gets two thumbs up and I think readers should take a listen whenever they have a chance. Much love to the group for an admirable sophomore effort. -MinM

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