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News: DJ Prince Paul Featured In “iQ Project Museum”

by Miracle

(Photo By Google Images)

Car company Scion recently revealed their newest venture, the iQ Project Museum. The museum features digital exhibits that include content from: DJ Prince Paul, the Los Angeles Chicano Punk Scene, and Strata Records. The purpose of the museum is to save: cultural movements, moments, and musicians, that are at the risk of being forgotten.

The first three exhibits will present unique artifacts from important music moments. Prince Paul’s display will contain a tour of a selection of items from his high school days and the beginning of his career that have never been seen before. This will involve his time as a deejay and producer for Stetsasonic, his work with De La Soul, and two of his solo albums: Psychoanalysis (What Is It?) and A Prince Among Thieves. Reps from Scion say that the museum is the company’s way of taking their support of the creative arts to the next level. The company already has a well established history of working with underground artists. Also, they feel that the museum is a modern way to revere important music matters in a limitless way online. In addition to the museum, DJ Prince Paul is working with Scion on another venture as well. Currently, he is shooting a web series entitled Prince Paul’s Adventurous Musical Journey. The series follows Paul and his friends on their journey for new motivation. The series is a part of Scion’s creative venture, Scion Audio Visual.

**My Two Cents: Not too familiar with DJ Prince Paul but I am a media/technology geek and this sounded hot. I love the whole concept behind the museum. I gave the exhibit a quick glance and it’s actually pretty neat. It’s very informative and Paul contributed a lot of the content himself. He even recorded a brief yet colorful intro. Paul being so hands on, gave everything a nice personal touch. I definitely think Hip-Hop fans should check this out. Never hurts to brush up on your Hip-Hop history. Props to Scion for coming up with such a fresh idea. -MinM

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