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New Music From: T.I. & Trey Songz

by Miracle

(Photo By Ivy Awino)

“Love This Life” (via Ivy Awino)

Atlanta rapper T.I. has been going strong since his last release from prison. He had a successful first run on reality television and word is that VH1 renewed his show for a second season. He signed new popular female rapper Iggy Azalea. And he is also gearing up to drop his next studio album sometime this Summer. The album will be titled Trouble Man and there have been a few promotional tracks dropped already. However, this cut is supposed to be the first official single from the album. T.I. took to U-stream earlier this week to give fans his personal take on the song. If readers missed it, they can catch it here. Basically, Tip decided to try a new sound while making an anthem for his fellas that go unappreciated by the women in their life. The production here is hot. It contains some light instruments, a soft bass, and a cool vibe. The hook is where Tip experimented with his style a little bit. The delivery is okay. T.I. tried his hand at dropping some vocals. And while he’s not the worst singer ever, he should stick to spitting. The lyrics were quality and honest. The verses are solid. T.I. has a smooth flow and good rhymes. He spits for the first two verses and sings on the third. His rhymes could have been a lot stronger and the singing still missed the mark. But he got his point across as far as laying down the law about not being appreciated by his lady. Overall, this was a decent track. It’s a sufficient debut single but he needs to come a lot harder with the next release. If readers enjoyed this cut, they can purchase it on iTunes.

(Photo By Ivy Awino)

“Heart Attack” (via Ivy Awino)

Looks like this Summer is going to be a big one for Atlantic Records. As Virginia crooner Trey Songz is also gearing up to drop an album. In addition to touring, the singer has dropped a couple of mixtapes and an EP to help generate buzz for the upcoming project. This track will be the first official single. The production here is dope. It features a mid-tempo pace, a few unique sound effects, and a subdued vibe. The hook is on point as well. Trey has great vocals going on and the lyrics are raw and emotional. The verses are good too. Trey continues the excellent vocal work and the lyrics are first-rate. They paint a vivid picture of the roller-coaster that one goes through due to being in a serious relationship. In the end, this joint is a hit. The beat and content are on ten and the theme is very easy to relate to, especially for Trey’s target audience. He is off to a great start with his new album. The album is entitled Chapter V and Trey has been working hard on it since last year. Readers can snag this song off of iTunes too.

**My Two Cents: I love Tip but Trey Songz had the better single here. It is very appealing and and he just really came with his A game. I applaud T.I. for trying something new but his approach just didn’t do it for me. I wish both guys the best of luck this Summer with their new albums though. Readers are encouraged to listen to both singles via the provided links and to support the one they like by purchasing it on iTunes. -MinM

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