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Camay – “Judge Me” (Single & Video)

by Miracle

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“Judge Me”

Camay is an up-and-coming female rapper who is originally from Riverside, CA. She grew up a fan of music, like most of the world. But upon hearing Nas‘s track “One Love” she decided to make the transition from a fan to an artist. Camay experienced her fair share of struggles and hardships growing up but she stayed focused on her dream. Her focus would pay off when she met notorious songwriter/producer Stevie J while living in New York. He took her under his wing and began to develop her officially. He taught her the business side of the music industry and brought to light her songwriting abilities as well. Her hard work and talent got her some attention from a few labels but Camay was not willing to compromise who she was. She received some negative backlash for sticking to her guns, but Camay was determined to prove that she could make it without being turned into the stereotypical sexual image that is the mainstream female rapper. And so far she is doing okay for herself. Her music generally receives positive feedback, especially online, and she has a well established fan base. Currently she is promoting a single entitled, “Judge Me.”

This is what Camay had to say about the song: “Judge Me is really me baring my soul and putting it all out there where it will indeed be judged. I wanted to do something different from what the general consensus is about – what female artists should sound and look like. I like being edgy and bringing up issues other people notice, may be feeling, but won’t say for fear of being judged. I’m welcoming it all. It doesn’t affect me.”  The production on this track is fire. It has a heavy drum element at work, a low tone, and a dark serious vibe. It actually comes off as more of a Rock style cut then a Hip-Hop one. The hook is on point as well. The delivery is clean and the lyrics are blunt. The verses are proper too. Camay came with an edgy flow and heavy hitting rhymes. She does a striking job of taking to task all of the people who have an issue with her. Some standout lines include: “I could be a little rude, mischievous, sometimes lewd. But does that give you proof or reasons to judge me. My views about sex can be called complex. I experiment with ex. So you like to judge me. But I keep being a rebel til’ I’m fighting with the devil. Gotta dig it like a shovel. You could never judge me!” Deep and skillfully crafted lines right there. Overall, this song is a winner. It’s rebellious tone and premium content are sure to appeal to any music lover. But please click the link and have a listen for yourself. Readers can find the visuals for the song below. The video is extremely well done. There is a church, fire, broken mirrors, and much more. Also, Camay is fierce in her all black attire and radical attitude. It is highly recommended that readers take a moment and watch the video. For more with the defiant femcee check out her website.



**My Two Cents: Camay is a breath of fresh air. She is very talented and an obvious individual. It is so nice to see that there are still some TRUE  female rappers holding it down for women in Hip-Hop. If she remains loyal to herself and keeps dropping great music, someone will respect and appreciate her enough to sign her as she is. You heard it here first, Camay is one to keep an eye on. And once she makes it to the mainstream, she really is going to be a problem. -MinM

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