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Neak – “Love Greater” (Video)

by Miracle

front(Photo By DJBooth.Net)

Love Greater / The Prequel (listen/download)

Emcee Neak is going strong with his video game. He freed yet another set of visuals from his most recent effort, Love Greater / The Prequel. This makes for the ninth total release off of the album. The lucky single chosen to be given life was the title track, “Love Greater.” The single was produced by Rashid Hadee. It is an instrument driven tune with soulful background vocals and intelligible content.


This video was composed by Aaron Perkins Jr. The concept for the video is truly one of a kind. The setting is two fold. Part of the video sees Neak chilling amongst the clouds and the other portion shows him kicking back on a deserted beach area. In addition to the abnormal locations, the video is decked out in striking color patterns. Primarily, there are varying degrees of red mixed in with black & white. Random other colors are blended in as the piece continues on like: purple, yellow, etc. If that wasn’t enough to fulfill one’s visual needs, there are a host of engaging special effects as well such as: motion tricks, image manipulation, and more. It should be noted that  Rashid Hadee makes a cameo appearance towards the end of the video. All in all, this was a transcendent and avant-garde flick.

**My Two Cents: This was Neak’s best video thus far. The creativity utilized here was just brilliant. Aaron Perkins Jr. gets major props for this one. If readers want more with Neak, they can check out the album via the above link. And they can also find him on the web via Twitter. -MinM

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