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Deep6ix Music Inc Presents: Phat T

by Miracle

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“Summertime” F/ Jason Porter (preview)

As mentioned before Milwaukee based company Deep6ix Music Inc. has beefed up their arsenal with some new members. Readers already met Critta. Now it is time to introduce Phat T. Phat T plays a dual role in the company. He handles business via a management position and he is also an artist. He has a brazen sometimes comical personality / style that makes his music alluring. As he is preparing all types of new goodies for his true supporters in the new year, he is pushing some of his other material to satisfy his current fans and to win over some new ears. He was gracious enough to share a couple of things with the site.

First up is a track he did a while back titled, “Summertime.” The production here is solid. It consists of a smooth domesticated core, median pace, and a lax vibe. The hook is modest. The delivery is spirited and the lyrics are uncomplicated. The delivery could have been a little more mellowed out though. It would suit the track much better. The verses are creditable. Phat T serves up an easy going flow with tongue in cheek wordplay and rhymes. He dishes on his idea of a good time during the warmer season in a diverting manner. He spits: “Now that I’m back in the summer time. Sitting on my corner is all I got on my mind. Understand that’s all I do. Chill at the Dollar Tree. If you want you can come with me. D. Jake and 2 Nips, we started it. And I’m still here f–king repping it. Number one to represent 27th and College. And to me from all of my knowledge there ain’t nobody copying T.” Who knew the Dollar Tree was a Milwaukee hot spot? Overall, this was a fun little number and cool first listen for those new to Phat T’s music.


The other thing Phat T shared with the site was a video. The flick is for his single, “On The Corner.” This track is a little more heavy hitting than the previous one. The theme for the video is pretty clear cut. It more or less plays up Phat T in miscellaneous locations mingling with his peers and just being himself. The piece ends with a shot of T jumping in his ride and driving off. As a whole, this was an orthodox set of visuals.

**My Two Cents: Phat T just seems like he would be a blast to hang out with. I love the vibe he gives off. And his music is pretty straight too. I think he is a beneficial addition to the Deep6ix team as well. A congrats to him on his new found position and best wishes on all of his endeavors in the new year. Be sure to hit up his Facebook Page and give him a like. -MinM

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