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Neak F/ The ILLZ & Simeon Viltz – “God Help The Middle Class” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By DJBooth.Net)

Chicago emcee Neak has dropped another single and set of visuals off of his current project Love Greater / The Prequel. This makes for release number seven. The song was jointly produced by Slot-A & INTLMC. Also, the track features a live trumpet played by Simeon Viltz of The Primeridian. It is a subdued number that touches on a few of the economical issues that are being discussed these days as the Presidential Election draws near. The visuals go hand in hand with the song’s theme. Check the flick below.


This project was directed and edited by Aaron Perkins Jr. As it relates to the concept of the visuals, here is what Neak had to say: “With 2012 being an election year, I definitely wanted to touch on a topic that’s near and dear to everyday people who work hard just to make it day to day.” One has to respect the realness in that statement. To carry out his idea, the video focuses on the journey of a homeless man. He sleeps on the ground outside. He walks around in torn clothes with just a backpack, garbage bag, and blanket to his name. He tries to legitimately hustle up change while most people just walk by and ignore him. And he basically just goes through the day to day struggles that one would imagine the average homeless person endures. The video ends with a series of scenes done in black and white. The most striking being a close up shot of a sign that reads “God help the middle-class.” All in all, this was a deep and touching video.

**My Two Cents: I thought the concept behind this video was brilliant. I love the fact that Neak represented for the little people. I think we get overshadowed a lot during election season. Which is ironic and unfortunate since we make up such a large part of the voting population. Readers can hear more of Neak’s music by checking out the Love Greater / The Prequel album via the above link. And he is part of the Twitter world as well. So give him a follow. -MinM

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