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Amerikas Addiction – “Work”

by Miracle

(Photo By J The Truth)

“Work” (listen/download)

The fellas of Amerikas Addiction sadly had to push back the release date for their highly anticipated album, The Key.  However, they couldn’t leave their addicts without something to bump this month. So they dropped a new single called “Work.” The song will not be on the new album but it makes for a cool independent track. The production here is good. It has a hushed yet intense sound and a snazzy rhythm. The hook is solid. It’s just the song’s title repeated in an infectious manner. The verses are satisfactory. The flow has a ton of character to it, the wordplay is apt, and the rhymes are legit. Addiction plays on the concept of the word “work” in an interesting fashion. As a whole, this is an entertaining way to help tide fans over.

The Key is still being released. The duo is aiming for some time around the end of the year. Which will be here pretty soon. The duo has described the album as a blend of their signature twisted style with a few lighter tracks thrown in as well. Add to that production by names like DJ Pain 1 and the project seems like it will be worth the wait. On another fun note, Amerikas Addiction created a page dedicated solely to their addicts. They get all sorts of intriguing displays of support on a daily basis via: pictures, tweets, etc. So they decided to share them. Readers can check out the page here. #DOWHATYOUDESIRE

**My Two Cents: This track isn’t necessarily my style but a lot of people are responding well to it. Plus, I have nothing but respect and love for Amerkas Addiction for continuing to be themselves and marching to their own drum so to speak. They are very supportive of the site too. So it was an honor to return the favor. If local readers want to catch the duo in action, they are performing at the site’s next event called The Illixer’s Choice. Get all of the details here. Oh if you haven’t already, be sure to like the Amerikas Addiction page on Facebook and follow them on Twitter as well. -MinM

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