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Mz. Nova – “America Truth” (Poem)

by Miracle

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It has been a while since the site was blessed with the poetic musings of Mz. Nova. So when she shook up Facebook with a brand new piece, it was a must that it be shared here on the site. She revisited a popular subject in her writings, which is evaluating the society that we live in. Find out what she had to say after the jump.

“America Truth”

(Poem By Mz. Nova)

Temporary circumstances such a romantic notion
Playing it cool behind enemy lines
But your desires got you open
The hardest thing is to apologize without reasoning
Live but never regret
Forgive but never forget
Don’t believe the hype
When they teach you to read and write
We’re born into slavery still contracted to the state
Laws got you twisted they standardized the slave trade
The Emancipation Proclamation sold us to the biggest corporation
Pimps admire the bright skinned sale black pussy like a commodity
I watch queens die slowly never really knowing
Even ya own people value wealth before freedom, death before reason
Constantly committing treason
And the righteous got greedy

Irritated by social norms perpetuated by social misfits
The masses jumping on the band wagon because they lack a moral conscience
Capitalistic society only thing free is the air we breathe
But you’d rather taint that with loud packs and dual exhaust
Factories producing smog at a low cost
Shit health care cost
Everyday prices go up in the ghetto
But welfare benefits steadily dwindle
Stand your ground and conceal and carry got you marked for nigga season
Feels like there’s no way up and no way out
Black men part of an astronomical drought
Jr’s without guidance
And you couldn’t instill the fear of God in ’em because money is the alliance
Spiritually corrupting the youth
Media hiding the truth
Got you all drinking the juice
We’re a long ways away from the King’s dream cause they got you thinking recession
Instead of regression it’s a distorted perception

The tone of this poem is pretty charged up. It thoroughly examines the perception of the world created by forces such as media and government versus the way the world is in reality. The piece is laced with strong highbrow metaphors and illustrations. It really causes the reader to stop for a moment and mull over certain aspects of life. All in all, this was a consuming poem.

**My Two Cents: This was a quality creation. The theme and tone were powerful. The content was finely structured. It was a neat way for Mz. Nova to make her presence felt again after such a long hiatus. Good to see she’s still got it. As always, much appreciation to her for allowing her work to be displayed on the site. -MinM

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