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Carl “BFM” Jones Presents: Mid-West Minute Radio Show (2-6-13 Recap)

by Miracle

02-06-radio-flyer (357x500)(Photo By Carl “BFM” Jones)

Mid-West Minute Radio brought in the month of February just right last week Wednesday (2-6-13) with another promising show. Things got under way with Baby Face Monster breaking down a little bit about what he does and where he can be found on the web. Afterwards, Ranru of Gossip Rule hit up the show to represent for Grand Rapids, MI. He spoke on his website, his music career, the struggle for Hip-Hop artists in Grand Rapids, and more. Following that, rapper Qwote Sillable called in and held it down for St. Louis. He talked about having ties to both the STL & Miami, working on his second album, etc. Next, Eazy Money invaded the airwaves and revamped the Grand Rapids, MI presence on the show. He discussed a little bit about his background, his trials & tribulations, his music catalog, and so forth. Eazy gave a very charismatic interview. The last guest on the show was an artist by the name of Will Inspire. He returned the focus back to Illinois as he is based out of the Rockford area. He touched base on being a newbie to the game, the unrestricted style of his music, his feelings on the current state of Hip-Hop, and a few other subjects. He ended things on a quality note. In the end, this was another refreshing installment of the show.

**My Two Cents: Once again, nothing bad to say about the show. There were a nice range of guests. Also, Baby Face Monster and Sicksteen worked well together. They kept things interesting and running smoothly. Be sure to visit some of the provided links to discover some new talents. And keep an eye on the site for the 411 on the last show of the season. It was a full night and featured Milwaukee’s own Kia Rap Princess. -MinM

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