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Music Quickies: BPeM Group Presents – RapHaven Fall 2014 Cypher (Video)

by Miracle

cypher(Photo By BFM)

BPeM Group is an organization comprised of artists and other individuals in the entertainment field working together towards the common goals of: putting together significant movements, earning money, and making a worldwide impact through music. Not too long ago the imprint held it’s first ever “RapHaven” Rap Retreat. Said retreat was attended by long time site affiliate Babyface Monster. And he decided to share a bit of the experience with the site.

The retreat took place in a cabin in Western Illinois. Several talents gathered to: collaborate, network, conduct interviews, and engage in a bit of good old fashioned fellowship with like minded peers. Not only did the venture bring about a much needed display of unity amongst the Hip-Hop community but it also led to the development of several different projects. A mixtape, a showcase, a music video, and an acapella cypher are all of the products that came into fruition. The cypher can be seen above. It takes place around a campfire and features: Fury, P1, Redd Montana, Byro, Jacque Corbet, Def-D and of course Babyface Monster. The next retreat is scheduled to go down in the STL in April. Anyone interested in being a part of it should definitely check out the link at the beginning of the post. It’s an incredible idea and The Illixer might just have to get one going here in the cheese state. Stay tuned. -MinM

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